Expert Capital is an independent global consulting firm based in Washington, D.C. providing technical and strategic advisory services to business owners, investors, and operators.

We partner with senior leadership to evaluate opportunities, improve decision making, and measure results.

Expert Capital offers flexible engagements, tailored to the specific needs of our clients, with outcome based payments.

Technology Strategy

Learn how to effectively develop, implement, leverage, and defend against increasingly powerful technology.

Business Positioning

Learn how to position your business for success in the increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Pricing Strategy

Learn how to price your products and services to maximize value and increase conversion rates.

Investment Analysis

Learn how to evaluate investments in new technology and acquisitions with limited information.

Marketing & Growth

Learn how to reach your audience and drive measurable growth with effective communication.


Our team has deep hands-on experience in every aspect of business and brings a holistic approach to every project. We gravitate towards projects where we can deliver transformational value for clients.


Frank V. Taylor


Frank is a life long student of business, avid technologist and early stage startup investor. He has founded three successful businesses, exited one, and helped grow the startup ecosystem in Washington D.C. for over a decade.

Frank is an expert in the Lean Startup methodology, an innovation framework focused on accelerating validated learning and minimizing wasted resources. He brings entrepreneurial experience, creative thinking, and analytical discipline to every client engagement.